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Foster Care in Ontario

Focusing on finding the best foster parents for children, including children with special needs.

About Fostering

Annie’s Havens has been providing foster care services since 1996.

A message from our founders, William and Hilda Wilson

We have been foster parents since 1991 and have operated our foster care agency since 1996. In that time, we have seen countless children flourish under the care of our foster parents. Kids come into foster care for countless reasons and it’s our job to make sure they leave care with the best chances for success. Most importantly, as we have been foster parent ourselves, we fully understand the daily lives of our foster families and how to best support them which is much appreciated.

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About Foster Care and Foster Parenting

Becoming a foster parent in Ontario can be confusing. There are many options.

Licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, we make sure that only the best foster parents are part of our program. High quality homes not only makes for better outcomes, they also keep our kids safe.


What is Foster Parenting?

Foster parenting is opening your home and your family to children and youth from a non-related family and regulated by the Child, Youth and Family Services Act of Ontario. Fostering is so much more than that though.

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Becoming a Foster Parent

There is a comprehensive process to becoming a foster parent. Becoming a foster parent in Ontario means going through the process of a Home Study, background checks and training. All of this is provided at no cost to the potential foster home.

Do I Qualify?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have good hearts and want to help children in need – it is our duty to those children that we ensure they are cared for in a safe, stable and competent environment. See common questions asked by potential foster parents here.

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Foster Care News and Updates

Foster Home Shortage

In Ontario today, there are well over 10,000 children in foster care or group homes. There has been a decline in recent years of people answering the call to open their homes to children in care. This is creating a tremendous strain on our child welfare system. Read more

Children’s Aid

Ontario has over 40 Children's Aid Societies (CAS) whose job it is to respond to complaints about children being abused or neglected. Most of the time they try their best to keep kids with their families unless it is absolutely necessary to remove them from their home. Read more

How to become a foster parent

Foster parents have received a bad reputation from movies, TV shows and the media in general. "They only do it for the money...", "They treat the kids worse their own family did...", etc. These are some of the statements we often hear on social media. This is unfortunate because it could not be further from the truth. Read more

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Every Child Needs a Home. Be There For a Child.

Our requirements keep kids safe and in homes that care about their outcomes in life.

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